Big Shape Up


You will be assigned a trainer who you will be checking in with each week via email/phone or text. Your trainer knows your goals and will help keep you on track, set weekly goals and help with any questions you might have.

You will be able to choose between Monday and Friday check ins/weigh ins



Our Shape Up Support Plus includes daily text messages from your Personal Trainer supporting you and holding you accountable!

This is YOUR best option if you struggle to stay on track or want the extra comfort of knowing that you get the best support possible!

Meal Plans

Each Thursday you will receive a full weekly meal plan with shopping list for the following week. You can either follow it strictly, pick out the meals you like the look of or not follow it a tall and do your own meals. The plans include lunch for 1 person and dinner for a family of 4. You can choose your own preferred breakfast option from our member only recipe database. Dinners can easily be changed to 1 serves if your family won’t be eating the same as you, but most of our families adore our meals. 

Our meal plans are breastfeeding, pregnancy and vegetarian friendly and are easily adapted to vegan and gluten free options. 

Daily Workout Videos

Your daily 15min guided workout videos will get you working up a sweat in no time at all!

Follow Simone as she talks you through correct technique, verbal cues and chats away at you to keep you entertained!  We have a Flexibility program as well as 5 fitness levels available – these include Lower Body & Upper Body Strength, Core Strength, Cardio, Boxing and more

Group Support

Your very own private online group of mums who are in the same Shape Up as you! Support, accountability and lots of fun – our groups are friendly and welcoming to all mums!

Progress Planner

Keeping track of your progress is easy and motivating with this printable wall planner!


We love to keep you motivated – from spot prizes to main prizes – putting in the effort is double worth it!

We kick off every Monday.

Once registered we will contact you to ask what your preferred start date is

Weekly payment option available

$59USUsually $73
  • Shape Up no trainer support

  • 6 Week Shape Up
$119USone off payment
$159USOne Off Payment

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$59USUsually $73
  • Shape Up no trainer support

  • 6 Week Shape Up
$119USone off payment
$159USOne Off Payment
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