The Process

The Process

David Wong says in one of his incredible articles: ‘People quit because it takes too long to see results, because they can’t figure out that the process is the result!’

What does this mean for you and your journey to being healthy and fit? It means that while it is incredibly important that you have goals – every single day on the path that leads you to these goals, is a result! Every single day that you wake up, exercise, choose to eat well, take care of yourself, be mindful – is a result of you choosing to be healthy! The result happens from day 1 – the result happens every morning you wake up and stick to your choices, the result happens right throughout this bumpy road, whether you have lost a kg or gained a kg, it’s your result! And each result of each day helps you move forward into the next stage because you are DOING it, because you are learning!

Do you know that every successful weight loss is the result of at least 5 ‘unsuccessful’ attempts? Why? Because each of the ‘unsuccessful’ attempts had a lesson to be learned in order to be able to move to the next one – but don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about giving up either! It’s about giving it your absolute best shot – and the harder you try the more you will learn! If you don’t give it your absolute best shot, you may need 15 ‘unsuccessful’ attempts in order to learn all the lessons you need to learn!

So what am I trying to say? I m saying – START NOW! Start with whatever you are ready to start today. Are you ready to change your entire lifestyle? Are you ready to start walking once a week & start eating a nutritious, filling breakfast every day? Or are you ready to quit smoking, cut back on your alcohol intake, sugar intake, stop buying processed packaged snacks and instead make your own. There will be something YOU can do right now to start getting a result!

Or you can choose to do the same thing you have been doing – and get the same thing you have been getting…..


Simone xxx

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