Our Story


Preparing home made meals and involving Maxim in the process is a great way to teach him healthy eating habits!

Hi and Welcome to YummyMummy 🙂


I’m Simone and I have been a Personal Trainer for 13 years, having worked with thousands of clients across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

During and after my pregnancy I saw a huge need for exercise and weight loss options for mums that wasn’t based on fads or quick fixes, and with that I started YummyMummy in 2012 on my son’s 2nd Birthday.


Back then I ran Group Fitness Classes for mums and shortly after started our most popular program – The Shape Up! Our mums on the program achieved amazing results, word spread and soon we had mums from all over the world wanting to join.

Over the next few years our program changed from a face to face program into an online/home based program, continuing to achieve the exact same results right along and giving thousands of mums across the entire world the chance to join us!


Over the last 7years we have had over 30 000 mums from the following countries join us:

UK, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, America, Singapore, Canada, Slovakia, Scottland, China & Fiji


I love what we do and the amazing team behind me – looking after our mummies and helping them achieve their goals, seeing them smile and being confident, happy  women!


I look forward to another year of transforming thousands more lives and hope you’ll be part of it!


Lots of Love

Simone xxx