A Healthy Winter

A Healthy Winter


A Healthy Winter!!

Winter is here and with that, the time when we are most likely to get sick – here are a few simple and holistic ways to stay healthy this winter!

  • Keep your feet warm! There is an old saying that for every minute your feet are cold you will have a cold for 1 day. Bed socks or not – having warm feet is extremely important for us as well as our kids!
  • Eat a nutritious diet! Fruit and vegetables are the key and the more in season and local (and possibly organic) the more of the right nutrition you will get!
  • Vitamins! We load up on vitamins during winter – I have 1000mg pure Vit C per day and Maxim has 250mg per day. If either of us feel like we are getting sick we take our daily dosage once per hour until we feel better. It has been working a treat for years!
  • Sunlight! It is so important to get some sun onto our skin as this helps our body stay healthy, so while it can be pretty miserable for days on end and hard to get outdoors during sunshine hours, when you get the chance, get out there and enjoy some sunshine!
  • Sleep! Oh dear what am I saying here haha we are mums and sleep is often what we are lacking, but when we don’t get enough sleep and our bodies are run down, we are much more likely to get sick! So where you can, squeeze in a nap or negotiate a sleep in with your other half. It can make all the difference!
  • Move and get some fresh air! It isn’t easy to get out to exercise a lot during winter so when I work out indoors I make sure I have a good breeze of fresh air running through the room – after all working out heats me up so a bit of cold air is actually really nice!
  • In case you do get a cold – my trick is Vicks on the soles of my feet and then covered with socks to stay nice and warm! It works for me as well as Maxim 🙂

I hope you have a happy & healthy winter and manage to avoid the bugs!!!

If you feel like a nutrition blast, give our winter detox a go! It will be sure to load you up with lots of goodness!!


Simone xxx

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