Nutrition Guidelines


Weight loss is easy – in theory anyway!

We all know that to lose weight we need to burn more energy than we take in. But how much do you really know about the value of food?
You might think you are on a healthy diet, but are you really?
And what about portion sizes? Do you know what 1 serve of each of the different foods you eat actually is?
How do I stay below my calorie allowance and feel satisfied, not hungry?
And how does different food effect my body?

Food basics – what should I be eating?

Basically – we want you to eat a diet that is low in processed foods and high in fresh foods. Lots of fruit and veg, legumes, make these tasty by using herbs and spices!
Unprocessed food is anything that hasn’t been put through processes to be in the shape and form it is when you buy it. The food that is less processed than another will be better for you, higher in nutrients and fibre and more filling.

For example: 
– Wholegrain oats are less processed than porridge oats
– Grapes are less processed than raisins
– Brown rice is less processed than white rice
– Potatoes are less processed than chips
– Corn is less processed than cornflakes

If you can follow this simple rule in your everyday life, you are already making huge changes to your diet, without ‘dieting’.

Now in order to not feel hungry with your calorie allowance, your main food source should be carbs – YES carbs! ?’But I usually cut carbs when I’m on a diet’, you may think. I will explain why!

We divide our food into 3 categories (read more here)

Meal Sizes

Back in the old days, there was a saying:
‘Have breakfast like a rich person, have lunch like a worker and have dinner like a beggar.’

We now eat the opposite way around. Hardly any or no breakfast, medium sized lunch and humungous dinners.

The 2 main reasons for swapping your eating habits around are:

1. You need to eat most of your energy in the morning as this will provide fuel for the day.
The most common sign that you are eating the wrong way round is that you are hungry early afternoon (there can be other reasons for this too such as eating the wrong kinds of foods) and way too full before you go to bed which can show in restlessness and general trouble sleeping.

2. Your digestive system works extremely hard during the day, give it a rest over night and you will feel much more energized in the morning!
You should wake up hungry and ready to have a nutritious and filling breakfast!