Exercise Guidelines

Welcome to our Exercise Guidelines!

Exercise is commonly thought of as the way to lose weight – well that’s kind of true. Exercise helps our body ‘work’ better – being fit and strong means your body will burn more calories while resting and be better at using fat as a source of energy.

What exactly you will be doing for exercise depends on your goals and capabilities. Cardio is great for weight loss because it instantly burns calories and helps us get fitter and with that healthier. Strength training is great for toning and to burn calories while resting but it is often the second stage to an exercise regime as it is easier with some base fitness already completed.

Whether I will set you up for strength training or not will depend on your individual situation, how many days you prefer to exercise and where you are starting at. If you aren’t set up to do strength training, don’t worry, you have a lot else to focus on and I prefer for you to do what you do well, rather than a little bit of half effort of everything.

If you aren’t happy with the exercise routine you are set up with or find them too hard or too easy please get in touch with me right away and I will make necessary changes for you 🙂 You can change your programs at any time during the program so please speak up! I really don’t mind 🙂

Depending on how many days you exercise you will need to set your program up so that you aren’t doing 2 cardio or 2 strength workouts on consecutive days. This is important to help avoid injuries and to allow your muscles to recover and adjust. It is also important to rest – which is why during our Shape Ups that are longer than 6 weeks we have a rest week every 4th week, with 3 weeks of building work. Enjoy rest week as you will find that by the end of week 3 you will be quite tired from all the building work you have been doing! Please never skip a workout as this can quickly catch up with you in form of injuries.

Now that you have a better idea of what we do and why it is set up the way it is –

Happy Training!

Simone xxx

Helpful Tools!


APP – RunKeeper Or MapMyRun

If you have a smart phone I highly recommend you download the app ‘runkeeper’ or ‘mapmyrun’, it’s free!

Great tool to use to track how far you are walking/running, what pace you are going at and to track your improvements.


APP – Timer

Especially for the Strength programs a timer app will be really useful. There are lots to choose from and most of them are free of charge. Simply search for ‘timer’ – I use the Interval Timer at the moment and change the settings to suit my workouts.

Training timings

Re training programs. Some of them are timed, others by reps or distance. Please note that you can set a time limit to all of your training programs both strength and cardio – 30mins is usually best but if you only have 15mins, then do as much as you can in 15mins! Every bit counts so don’t miss a workout due to lack of time but you also shouldn’t be doing a strength workout for over an hour or sit on the bike for 90mins unless you are training for something that requires this 🙂

Post Workout Stretches